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This game was developed during the IGJAM16, a 48h game jam organised by Innogames during Gamescom 2016. See the credits below. 
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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is a local-multiplayer party game, in which each player is a sheep, among a herd of sheep. But there is a wolf prowling, hiding from the farmer until it can jump on an unsuspecting sheep...

Everyone plays the wolf in turns : if your controller is vibrating, you are now the wolf in sheep's clothing ! You must then find and eat the other player sheep, but only them. Once you attack, a new wolf is chosen. Choose your prey carefully... Meanwhile, the player sheep must blend in the herd and hide from the wolf.


  • Walk around with the left analogue stick.
  • As the wolf :
    • Press A to attack the sheep in front of you.
    • Press B to howl, clearing non-player sheep around you.

NB : the game was tested with XBOX and PS4 controllers.


Oscar Armstrong-Davies - Game design, programming.
Eduardo Cardenas - Game design, programming.
Jonas Dutouquet - Game design, programming, sound design.
Tobias Koepp - 3D art.
Francesco Laddomada - Game design, programming.

Special thanks to the sound team for the help, and to Shannon Cross  for the animations!


  • "Main prize" - IGJAM16 : along with three other games produced during the jam, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing won the Best Game prize and was showcased at the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom.
  • "Best Multiplayer Game" - IGJAM16


AWISC_MacOS.app.zip 30 MB
AWISC_Windows64.zip 27 MB

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